7 Moving Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

couple packing for moving to nashville

Preparing to move can be an overwhelming process. It can both cost time and money most especially if there is no planning involved. Whether you are moving across town, states, or countries, here is our list of the seven moving tips that will save you time and money.

1. Choose the Right Time to Move

Timing is an essential aspect in determining the moving costs. If you choose to move at the end of the week or month, it might cost you much more. However, moving midweek or mid-month would be much cheaper since fewer people are relocating.  Try to schedule your move during off-peak season. Rates are usually lower in the fall and winter compared to the spring and summer seasons.


2. Find a Local Moving Company

Local moving companies are usually affordable. They can also provide you better and smoother services rather than the moving companies from a farther location. Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially on extra charges and fees. Do some research regarding your chosen moving company and be sure to sign contracts ahead of time.


3. Plan, Pack, and Store Everything Early

If you are planning to move to a new place, start sorting out your belongings into separate boxes and storage a few months before the actual move. Packing months early would be an efficient thing to do before moving. It can help you find things that you no longer need and those in need. Consider donating the things you’ll not be needing anymore. It would be a great space saver in the time of your moving.


4. Ensure Utilities are Taken Care Of

Make sure to shut off or turn off your utilities and services before moving. You don’t want to pay for the services in both locations if you can avoid it. Double-check your billing date for monthly insurance premiums to prevent any circumstances in the future.


5. Compare Moving Company Prices

If your moving company charges by the hour, stack boxed items closer to the door as much as possible or even in your garage so that they can grab boxes easily and put them inside the truck. This method is much more efficient and a great way to save time and money. Don’t forget that you also have the option of asking for quotes from different moving companies in order to compare prices that suit your budget.


6. Take Inventory

A great way to save time and effort is to label every box. Add details as much as possible so that you know exactly what’s in the box and where to put it. For an added charge, you may allow your mover to unpack boxes. Items will be unpacked in their designated room and your movers will take away all of the boxes for you. This can save you days or weeks of unpacking and gathering supplies.


7. Pack a Box for Each Family Member

One of the situations you’ll encounter while moving with your family is the amount of time you spend looking for the things you need in order to function during the first day in the new place. Pack each box for each family member with their essentials for the first twenty-four hours. This will save you time, energy, and frustration. 


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